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Read what our clients had to say about us!


"Technicians came to assist us in cleaning our furniture. They were incredible! Extremely kind and professional, and did an excellent job. I was quite pleased with their great customer service. I would strongly advise anyone in need of cleaning services to contact this company. Thank you very much!!"


"Dan gave me a thorough description of my carpet's condition and what it needed to be cleaned properly. Very straightforward with prices and knowledgeable about the rug I had. Definitely a reliable source for services."


"Dan and Lakeshore Carpet & Upholstery Care provided timely and excellent service. We had a "sharpie disaster" with one of our children, so we dialed the number, and they arrived the next day! Thank you for responding so quickly. What a wonderful discovery! I will absolutely tell my friends and family about this company."


"On my carpets, staff did an outstanding job. They  were really educated and went over all of my carpet cleaning choices with me. They were also punctual and has excellent time management skills. Thank you very much, Lakeshore care."


"I contacted a few days ago to request a quotation, and the staff was quite pleasant and accommodating in answering all of my inquiries. Irfan is the contractor who came to my apartment to complete the work. He is quite pleasant, friendly, and meticulous on the task. He showed me the many carpet cleaning choices available to me. He is knowledgeable and responsible. I'm very glad I went with them to clean my carpet."


"Javier was meticulous and professional in his work. He worked tirelessly on one of our sofas that was in desperate need of repair, restoring its scent and appearance. Javier's excellent work and kind personality make me very delighted. I will use this service again and strongly suggest it!"


"I've called Lakeshore twice. Dan, as usual, performed an outstanding job! He goes above and beyond the call of duty when it comes to cleaning. Strongly suggested! Professional, efficient, and well-informed!"


"Staff uncle was fantastic; he was on time and dressed in a mask and gloves. Our carpets were steam cleaned as part of the add-on treatment, and the results are greater than we could have anticipated. On the phone, customer support was also quite easy and pleasant."



What Clients Say

"Lakeshore provided excellent service, and I am really pleased with it. They kept me informed about the timeline, provided me with a lot of information about the expectations, and did an excellent job."
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